Nero burning wont work..-.-

Hey, Ive had nero for awhile, and once when i burned a audio Cd, it worked like it use to, and stood “burning succefulled without any problems” or something, and then the Cd should pop out, but it doesn’t, so i took it out by myself, and then it was reading error on the Cd player, so i uinstalled it and reinstalled another nero, but same problem… was .mp3 files.

Thanks allready,

Boa :confused:

Welcome to CDFreaks Forum, Try to uninstall Nero then restore you system Windows Registry to few weeks back then reinstall Nero again.

Which version are you referring to when you say nero?

well, dont remember what i used before, but now i think i use Nero 6 ultra edition… and ive tried to reinstall it, didnt work, installed a new one etc… :bow:

Please help guys, it havent got solved yet :slight_smile:

Unless you are really needing to use Nero i would give ImgBurn a try and it’s free. Burrrn is another good free app.

hmm, okies, as long as they are for free=) Cheers mate =)

Just note that Burrrn is only for Audio CDs and far better than Nero IMO for this purpose, and ImgBurn will burn most things but not Audio CDs.

ImgBurn will burn audio CD’s. Where do you see it won’t? I burned one yesterday with it :wink:

ImgBurn is a lightweight CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application that everyone should have in their toolkit!

Taken from the ImgBurn wedsite.

Fair enough , I never knew that.

Presumably though you must start with wav files , whereas Burrrn converts to wav on the fly.

I use ImgBurn to burn .iso CD’s. I use Burrrn and PlexTools for .wav,MP3, etc…

Thanks guys :smiley: