Nero burning with multiple recorders - unreadable disc!

Hello everybody! Problem: When burning with multiple recorders in Nero 8.1 one of the discs is unreadable. Setup: Pioneer DVR115 and Pioneer DVR108 with latest firmware. Aone 8x double layer media, burning at 2x (slowest). Both recorders seem to act normally leds are flashing, no buffer underruns and finishing with “Burned OK” message. The one burned in DVR108 is unreadable in both drives. Any ideas? Thank you

The Pioneer DVR-108 probably doesn’t have any firmware support for your Aone 8x DVD+R DL media and this results in a bad burn.

I suggest you try Verbatim 2.4x DVD+R media instead, or get a newer burner, or better yet do both. Or you can just settle for burning one at a time in your Pioneer DVR-115 drive.

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Hi. Thank you for a warm welcome and for your reply. I actually forgot to mention that DVR108 works perfectly as a single burner with Aone 8x (at 2x). So problem must be somewhere else. You may be asking why am I trying to burn at 2x only if new Pioneer 115D supports 8x. Well, when burning at 4x some people are having problems reading my discs so I burn it at 2x and everything’s ok. If I try at 6x or 8x the disc is unreadable even for Pioneer 115D. Verbatim discs are good indeed but it’s so damn expensive that it wouldn’t be cost effective for me. I pay £0.40 pence for each Aone disc. Thanks for reply anyway!