Nero: burning with 2 drives simultaneuosly

I have heard before that you can use nero and burn on 2 CDRW drives simultaneously. Is this true? If it is, can some tell me how?:bow: I was told that on older version of Nero, the feature was available.

Dual burning has been available with retail versions of Nero since version 5.0.

In the Burn dialog, there is a “Use Multiple Recorders” check box. If you have dual burners installed and don’t see the check box, uninstall Nero and reinstall. This will usually cause the check box to appear in a retail version of Nero.

Set the number of copies to 2. When the burn is started, both burner drives will appear. To select both, hold down the Ctrl key and highlight both burners.

For reliable results, it is highly recommended to use identical burners with the same firmware version.

And the 2 burners should not share one IDE channel.

Has anyone tried the new version, (, to see if the lead-out error problem has been corrected?

It worked ok with - no lock up at end .

I did try and it does work. Actually I have the 2 drives on the same IDE cable. Will i get a faster burn if the drives are on different IDE channel?::bigsmile: I did not get any error messages.

If it works OK at the fastest burning speed with no indications of buffer underruns, you can leave it as is. You won’t get a faster burn by changing the connection unless the buffer is currently emptying and refilling.

so you’re saying its a bad idea to have both a liteon ltr48125w and a yamaha cdrwf1 on the same channel and burning at 40x with both at the same time?

Ive got amd athlon 850mhz and 288mb ram, should i be ok?

In the past, Nero would not burn to 2 drives on the same channel at more than about 8x, but would burn to 2 drives on different channels at full speed. I always thought it was a Nero issue, but maybe not. I can burn from one drive to the other on the same channel at 48x, but not record to both.

The drives are very important itself if you burn on-the-fly on one channel:
If I put the following combinations on one channel, I get:

Toshiba 1502 + Cyberdrive 058D: the toshiba malfunctions!
Toshiba 1502 + LiteOn 40x/Plextor 24x: only 16x on the fly possible
Cyberdrive 058D + LiteOn 48x: 40x on-the-fly possible, but not 48x

same here if I put my two Liteons (24102b&24103s) on the same channel no probs with CCD or Nero (Discjuggler locks PC at end of write though) however if I put either Liteon and my Plex 2410a on same channel the Plex always fails about half way through writing. Have just got two Liteon 48125s and they will not work on the same channel at any speed just get lots of buffer underuns (this is what I would expect because the IDE channel should only send data to 1 writer at a time) so it seems trial and error is the only way to tell.