Nero Burning unaccessible CD's

I don’t know if this is a software or hardware issue. (i guess it’s software , but not sure nero is the problem)

i had an MSI burner (model is not important to the problem), which burned cd’s which i could access only few of the files on it.
i thought it was a burner problem, so i replaced it with a new LG 8525B burner.
i try to burn jpg files on the cd as data, and nero finish the burn successfully, but when i try to copy the files back to my HD as a test some of the files are not accessible and i get “cannot copy “filename” invalid MS-DOS Function” error msg. the cd burned is totaly new and is not old or scratch (i’ve just burned it) i am not using a cheap media and i’ve tried several media which i’ve tried on another pc with other lg burner (where i got no problem)

i read somewhere that maybe NAV Autoprotect is the problem, so i disabled it, but the probelm remains.

iv’e check the bad cd with cdCheck tool which scaned the cd for errors and only the files i couldn’t copy reported with “invalid/incorrect function” error.

if i had the same problem with 2 diff burners, i guess the problem is with the OS config (maybe a virtual memory problem (tried to delete it and create it again, but no help)), or some software installed.
i also have easy cd creator 5 installed which is not compatible with xp
but i don’t use it (i use only nero), (also the problem remain even after i uninstall it (EASY CD))

i use nero express bundled (which came with the LG burner)
i also tried the latest nero 6.3 from nero website
but with no help

i have windows XP sp1 with all the latest updates, NAV 2003 Pro updated, zone alarm pro 4.0.123
AMD athlon XP 2500+ 1.83 GHZ 256MB of RAM

i am really going crazy after making to many coaters
any idea???

Welcome to the forums bibi2.

Could you please try to use the recorded disc in another computer? If the discs work there then we know for sure it’s a problem related to your system. If the discs work in another system then we also know that your burner and Nero are working as they should.

Let us know.

thanks for the reply.

the burned CD’s are not accessible on several other systems

I have the same problem. Using Windows XP, Nero software and LG GCE-8520B 52x24x52x burner. All the cd-r’s are ok, cd-rw’s are rubbish. I took 7-8 discs full of backupped files, only 1/10 of them could be saved. The rest shows error “invalid MS-DOS function” in Explorer. I didn’t have this problem some time ago.

I’ve read many messages related to this and the problem “must be” in burner software <-> cd-rw burner.