Nero burning to .cda (mp3 files)

Hey i’ve recently bought a new CD burner and basically, Once i’ve chosen my playlist i click burn -> choose the CD etc it all works fine no probs…
BUT…when i try and play my audio CD in my stereo it doesn’t read it…When i explore the CD on my computer each track is only 1kb each but acts like a shortcut to the mp3 file on my computer…How can i simply make it so it just burns them to audio as mp3 so i can just pop it into my stereo.

Do you want an MP3 disc or an Audio CD (as you buy in the shops)?

You can create an Audio CD from MP3 files , it just depends what you think you want.

Only some CD players will play MP3 files, older players certainly won’t.

hey thanks for the reply, I’m just can a normal Audio CD as you’d buy in the shops, Stereo is fairly old.

Try Burrrn ( . It’s free and does the job better than Nero. It only does Audio CDs so there’s no confusion as to just what you might be burning.

Just in case, one more thing–some players do not like CD Text written to an audio CD and will not play it. Make sure you do not have that enabled.

In Nero, just make sure you select “Make Audio CD”. iTunes does it also, if you have that.

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The above is a screenshot of what is happening now, i used Burnnn it burned it fine again but once again CDA files and also errors trying to open the CD
also it isn’t showing how much data is on the CD left/used

An Audio CD will only show you cda files. These are shortcuts to the tracks hidden on the CD. This is perfectly normal.

You won’t be able to see free space etc as the disc has been finalised.

Couldn’t see the jpg as the site was down. sorry think i may have linked it wrong the first time, for some reason the CD’s aren’t reading in my stereo,car stereo
edit: the CD’s are… TDK CD-RW CD-RW80HS
edit:: just tryed an Imation CD-R disc same problem nothing will be read by anything other then computer…
edit::: works fine in ps2…

If your CDs are correct, they should show something like Track01.cda Track02.cda, etc. If you are showing shortcuts, maybe you aren’t giving the program the correct file location of the files to be burned, or maybe there is a DRM issue involved. And as TimC said, the CD will show full, since it is finalized and no more writing is allowed.

Perhaps posting your NeroHistory log for one of your burn attempts would help. Make sure and edit out your serial number.

Also, exactly what procedure are you using to burn the CD, which utiliity and what options are you choosing?

Many car stereos will not play CD-R media & even less when it’s CD-RW media.

To improve your chances you need to use quality media like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden and also burn slow at 16x.