Nero burning speed issues



Hi All,

 I just changed my DVD writer (Sony DW-Q28A) and now, when I burn DVDs (I just tested with DVDs only for the moment), I just got one speed for burning: the speed certified for my blank DVD.

If I insert a 4x certified blank DVD, then the dropdown box for the burning speed only shows 4x …
How can I burn 4x DVDs at 2x speed if I need ? ? ?

My previous DVD writer (LG-4020B) allowed me to burn 4x blank DVDs at 1 or 2x (in the dropdown list …).

Any idea ?

My Nero version is:

Thank you all in advance.



the minimum write speed for your sony and most recent burners is 4X!!!


Hello and welcome,

This is related to the firmware of your burner. If the firmware contains only the writestrategy for 4x burning with this media then nero also only shows 4x as possible write speed. Nowadays, other manufacturers may also include writestrategies for 1 or 2x speeds in their firmwares but if your media is only certified for 4x and not for 2-4x then it’s ok when you only get the 4x option.


Thanks for the answer …

Does it mean that my DVD-RW (Verbatim) certified for 2x won’t be burned by this Sony DW-Q28A ???
What about my other blank DVD-R cerrtified for 2x ???

Thanks again !



You’r right. You just can’t burn at 2X anymore. They won’t be burnt at 2X but they can be burn at 4X…probably with poor result.