NERO Burning Software is required for using NERO SDK

Hi All,

Did Nero SDK API allows all features of the Nero SDK without requiring the installation Nero Burning ROM on the machine ?

If yes then what about the licensing ?

did we require licsense for deployment also ?

I am new for NERO SDK. so please give the all required information. about the licesense of SDK and software.


is this forum supported by NERO. i don’t think so. i have posted my query 7 days before but i didn’t find any answer.

i have lots of query about pucahsing the license and features supported by the NERO. aanyone. does anyone answer my queries.

Have you tried to directly email NERO company for your specific request and questions?

I suggest you read the NeroSDK_License.txt which comes with the SDK or the manuals.

From the NeroCOM manual first page:
NeroCOM will only work with a fully installed Nero version!

However I believe it is possible to get a license to distribute the runtimes from Nero - however this is seriously expensive and only really viable if you are selling many thousand copies of your program