Nero Burning Rom

I have Nero 7, but it has way too many tools that I dont need, and all i really need is Nero Burning Rom…Is there any other software anyone reccomends, and can i install nero 7 with just nero burning rom? Oh and pref compatible with DVD shrink

EDIT: I am also having a problem with nero where the shortcunts stop working and i have to go to the nero folder to open it.

If you use custom during setup, you can install only Nero Burning Rom. If it is already installed, go to add or remove programs and click on change to remove all the parts you don’t want under “modify”.

ah yeh, I did that, expect it still installs nero scout and nero express, better than before though, i havent expirienced that problem i mentioned yet, but nero burning rom takes so long to load! even on my fairly good comp

I’m glad I still have Nero 6.6.x. I don’t suppose Ahead will let you run 6.6.x on your system since you purchased 7 legally, would they? Maybe give you a serial number for 6 if you asked them?

Nero 7 Burning ROm open realls slow for anyone else? also would nero 6 burning rom have any less capabilities, thanks

Which version of Nero 7 are you using? The latest version is

yeh im using

Nero 6 Burning ROM seems full featured enough to me. I’m not sure in what ways version 7 of Burning ROM is improved. Wish I knew more. Sorry about that.

hmm… i cant find anywhere yo download a nero 6 trial

Here is a link to

If you have a Nero 6 serial from one of your OEM packages or something, it may work for you to test at least.

oh, i though was newest

BTW, I did a FROOGLE search and found some copies of Nero 6 Ultra for as low as $20 USD.

You might try looking at some software discount places, or or pricegrabber or what not to see if you can scope a good deal.

Best of luck to ya.

ok, thanks no need for anymore replies here, i have what i wanted!