Nero Burning Rom

when i goto burn Image Files on dvd it never works i get Focus Or Tracking Error I just got the new version of nero and i still have the problem i can burn anything but image files but the image files are perfect

Pretty weird that everything would work but this… I’d try using DVD Decrypter to write your image files, so long as they aren’t proprietary ones or anything (.iso and .img are good, .nrg or something not so much). It’s got one of the most robust burning engines out there for DVDs, you can’t really go wrong.

i get a error with dvd decrypter too i just updated the firmware also

So if you can do everything but burn from an image file… The problem has got to be with the image file.

its not i put a different brand of dvd it works

Well good, I assumed when you were talking about how you can burn everything else, you were pulling from the same spindle of DVDs the whole time.

That’s an important detail to add, next time you have a question.