Nero Burning Rom



This may be a dumb question, but does nero burning rom come with nero express 6.0? If so where the hell is it?
Thank You


if you have Nero installed look in start/programs/Nero/nero ultra6 edition on the flyout you should find Nero express.


Is that Nero burning rom?


all versions of Nero burning rom since about midway thru Nero 5XX have included Nero Express which is basically a simplified wizard for newbies.


How do you get back to Nero Burning Rom interface instead of the Express wizard interface?


$$ :eek:


If you purchased a recorder most like it includes Nero Express not Nero Burning Rom. Only in the retail version does it include both applications. If you do have retail version not (bundled with your p.c. or recorder) click on the Nero Burning Rom button located at the bottom of Express to switch to Burning Rom.


Thanks for clarifying…