Nero Burning Rom version has been released

I just posted the article Nero Burning Rom version has been released.

Since a couple of days a new Nero Burning Rom version has been leaked to the internet with version number Since today a new ‘official’ version can be found on the Ahead website with the…

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Where’s the OGG burning support?!?!?!

“Fixed rare unexpected errors at the beginning of the burn…” Say it isn’t so!!! I guess they were not too rare if it happened to you. Yeah, I guess they were unexpected too. Just kidding everyone. I know y’all love Nero to death.

Thank God for those of you who keep us posted on every teeny-weeny tiny little update for Nero! You guys are life-savers! I don’t know what I’d do without you! :r Where is version 6 already?

You should be happy that these guys do the great work for you, if they wouldn’t you would have to do it yourself. Everybody can consider himself whether a upgrade is worth the time or not! :frowning: