Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.5

Nero Burning ROM v6.6.0.5:

NeroVision Express v3.0.1.18:

InCD v4.3.11.1:

Content of Update-Package Nero 6 Reloaded

Update-Package 1

Nero StartSmart 2 - Nero Express 6 - Nero BackItUp - Nero SoundTrax - Nero Image Drive - Nero Burning ROM 6 - Nero Cover Designer - Nero Wave Editor - Nero Toolkit

Current version:
Release date: January 10th, 2005
Filesize: 28.92 MB (30333395 bytes)
MD5 checksum: e5108d15149eb9d4cfdb0f4f8bb2e66a

Update-Package 2

NeroVision Express 3 - Nero Recode 2 - Nero ShowTime 2 - Nero PhotoSnap - Nero MediaHome

Current version:
Release date: January 10th, 2005
Filesize: 33.95 MB (35605330 bytes)
MD5 checksum: 5baac5a0ee7f4f0cbb131d5bc305269e

Update-Package 3

Current version:
Release date: January 10th, 2005
Filesize: 9.67 MB (10144075 bytes)
MD5 checksum: d8a241def8547000b2f2e133986db15f

Update-Package 4

Nero Media Player

Current version:
Release date: January 10th, 2005
Filesize: 7.64 MB (8011210 bytes)
MD5 checksum: 0531845d76ec96d5be39370b5689eeef

Merged two threads…

Thanks guys :wink:

So, does this update fix the bugs that make MPEG data sources unusable in NVE3? Specifically,

(1) If “Smart Encoding” is on, chapter marks are placed incorrectly.
(2) If “Smart Encoding” is off, video and audio get several minutes out of sync.

Any word on whether this was fixed? Or even acknowledged?

Changelog (from forum):

Version Number:
Release Date: 01-10-2005

Bug Fixes
Fixed a DVD ‘On the Fly’ copy problem
Booktype settings explanation is added in the GUI
Fixed a problem with copying a DVD video over image
Re-encoding of MPEG-1 files to (S)-VCD is improved
Fixed failure to fully erase DVD-RAM
Burning some ASF files caused “Unknown error in the Video MPEG encoder”
Switching to NeroExpress did not close the preview
The save track operation (save as image) did not warn if there was not enough hard disc drive space and no image file was created
Changing the volume creation date caused an error
If an audio CD is created and the source file names are long, the print function can now print all pages

New bug, Nero doesn’t start maximized.

Same problem Here! The maximized button next to the Red X is normal for maximum screen. Have to minimize and maximize again before full screen. Then if you close and re-open…have to do it all over again.

I’m having the same damn problem with the maximize problem. How did they let this bug go!?

It wasn’t a “critical” bug. :slight_smile:

Will this solve the DVD copy problem tried to copy a DVD with 6603 the other day and it wouldn’t do it, just came up with unable to copy

Yes, this problem seems to be fixed :slight_smile:

C’Ya :iagree:

Super slow downloads. :frowning:

It took me 30 minutes to download package 1. Not only that it didn’t work afterwards so I have to download it again. During extraction of the install files I was getting an error. They should really get more bandwidth or use BitTorrent if they don’t want to pay for it.

I downloaded all Four packages of upgrade from the link provided by CD-Freaks home page at speed of 275 KB/S. took approx 5 minutes for the whole upgrade.

Flashget is a must for this kind of crappy ftp service

I think (2) is fixed. I downloaded and installed the NVE3 update, tried out one of my MPEG projects that showed the minutes-out-of-sync problem (with “Smart Encoding” off) in the past, and this time the audio and video stayed in sync throughout. However, the chapter points were incorrect, just as they were before with “Smart Encoding” turned on. They show correctly in the preview, but they get about a minute late in the DVD folder (as viewed by Nero ShowTime).

So, to recap, (2) appears to be fixed, but (1) is not fixed, and it’s not dependent on the “Smart Encode” setting at all (I just didn’t notice it when the audio and video got miles apart). (1) goes back to NVE, for what that’s worth.

I just copied a disc on the fly and it worked perfectly

I just downloaded and when I try to do a DVD Video copy from the startup wizard I get a message that my demo has expired. :confused: I just installed it, for the first time, never had a version of Nero on my computer before. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong.

Secondly, I would like to use Nero to back up my DVD Video Collection. Will 6605 version do this, if so how?

Is there a plug-in for copy protected DVDs out there somewhere. Thanks.

Anyone have any info on what was fixed/improved with NeroVision?