Nero Burning Rom v6.0.0.28 available on Ahead FTP servers

I just posted the article Nero Burning Rom v6.0.0.28 available on Ahead FTP servers.

Thanks to forum member kmueller we know that a new Nero Burning Rom version is available via
the Ahead FTP servers. The version number is and, of course, a
changelog is not…

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Just make sure to re-enter your serial #…otherwise Nero says DEMO. You will get a message that serial number is already in system…choose OK and you now have Nero Ultra

I disagree with your statement version disables Nero Utlra if you’re using a Kegen or other non-paid for key! :r

so what, I’m hooked on padus now

Serves you right if you’re too damn cheap to buy it yourself.

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no it’s not that(had nero with my burner, but I trust padus more,because it’s rock stable. o.k. it doesn’t do (s)vcd but there are other programs for that

Man, at 1500 I updated Nero to, and half an hour later a new build is out… sigh…

i downloaded 60023 just last night as well. :S meh, i think ill wait a month before updating next time. maybe it’ll be at 7.0 by then :stuck_out_tongue:

Just downloaded and installed 60028, will not run due to inappropriate serial number being used, had to revert back to 60023

I’m sure an appropriate KeyGenSerial will arrive within the next few weeks…:d I can’t believe how many copies of this software I’ve had with CDDVD recorders now…seems almost pointless selling it in this way, I’ve never bought a copy directly just used what came with a writer and updated it as and when…

A lot of CD recorder and DVD recorders are shipped with Nero 5.5. There are always people willing to pay to upgrade to Nero 6. During the Dutch HCC even we attended last weekend there were a lot of questions about Nero 6 and a lot of people wanted to buy it. I think Ahead earns more than enough money with Nero 6 via their website :wink:

Next few weeks ? :+ It is already available !

“I updated Nero to” Damn, you’re tooooooo slow. It’s been there for almost 4 weeks now.

[edited: buy the software and you can use it without problems]
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You can buy it from Ahead. Please respect the rules will you.

Nero ROXXX - Great software like this should never be cracked!!!