Nero Burning ROM v6.0.0.19 available on Ahead FTP servers

I just posted the article Nero Burning ROM v6.0.0.19 available on Ahead FTP servers.

the Ahead FTP servers we can find several updates for the Nero Burning ROM, Nero
Media Player, NeroMix and the NeroVision Express software. Of course, since
these version haven’t been…

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Anybody tested this yet that can confirm if it fixes the overburn bug??

At last I can burn bin files that approach capacity now. With it would say there wasn’t enough room.

Too late… I put Nero in my “blacklist”. From now on no more Ahead. Burnatonce fulfills all my needs.

Yes I can confirm 2 bugs fixed: 1. Overburning now works. 2. Nero now close the DVD+R disks on my Plextor PX-708A drive.

nero 5.5 still owns :X

Ahead updated their website with the new versions.

I can also confirm that files that approached max capicity (but did not need overburning) now burn fine in, but didn’t work in .15 even with the overburn patch.

I am happily looking forward to new fresh bugs in the software! Just kidding :X

i have notice that dvd udf/iso not work on standalone dvd player the dvd video prefference work ok in my pioneer dvd player on dvd+ media burnd on the plextor 708:(

I have the same problem :frowning:

I have the same problem but not always. Looks like Nero messes up the structure of the DVD files. Had a look at the burned DVD with IsoBuster. The files were burned starting with the last VOB file back to the first VOB file. This is not correct. The DVD is however playable with PowerDVD but my standalone & XBOX doesn’t play it. Back to v6.0.0.9 I think.