Nero Burning Rom v5.5.3.5 available!

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A new update of our (well at least mine ) favourite burning software, Nero Burning Rom. No update info is available but you can download this new version from…

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BE WARNED!! I don’t know if I’m the only one but this Nero install resulted in a Windows BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) on restart!! :frowning: Anyone else with the same probs? If you do have these problems uninstall this Nero version via Windows Safe Mode (hit F5 or F8 on startup). Please let me know if I’m the only one… System: Windows ME Installed Software at Startup: InCD ZoneAlarm ICQ DNETC Client

UPDATE After deleting all the files and restarting I re-installed it again but this time I chose ‘Full Install’ instead of the ‘Upgrade’ option… This time no problems and did a test burn… Fine :slight_smile: Weird but problem solved…

I had alot of BSOD during burnings, my record is 7 during one single burning… but the cd turned out fine, so thnx for burn proof :4

GAM3FR3AK you are not alone. I also had the Windows BSOD on restart, after installing this new version of NERO. It hosed my system…I had to use my backup ghost image (Thanks god for ghost!)

same thing here

but no problem on win 2000

stick to the previous version, and wait fore the next release.

Same problem here on windoz 98se. MindWhipper, how do you get ghost to reconize your burner? Thanks

Ive problems with nero5.5 & my plex PXW-124TS (12x/4x/32x). Everytime I try to overburn a CD to more than 702MB it says ... *not enough space on media* ... or something like that .... therefore i switched back to nero5.0 and now everything works fine ;) ... well nero5.0 isnt that comfortable .... the explorer cant edit / delete files. But overburning is much more important to me :wink:

Any1 knows if the Teac CDR55s now works correctly ? [edit] Damn, BSOD after install, too

before i upgrade can ne1 state whats new in this version?

New in NERO ver. v5.5.3.5 Now features BSOD as an enhanced feature. Plus you can edit mp3’s and purn a data cd @ 2x :wink:

no probs on win 2k…burning a treat:d

Nero 5.5 has always had BSOD problems.:frowning: Nero has always worked flawless for me until the release of 5.5. I’m running Win98SE. Previously, I was running Nero and was constantly being hassled by random BSODs. I must’ve reformatted my machine 3 to 4 times before I finally figured out that Nero 5.5 (which was, at one point, the most stable burning software there was!!!) was the culprit. I just installed without uninstalling first. Maybe this is what causes the BSODs but honestly, I felt pretty comfortable installing it that way because the installation for the newer version will automatically uninstall any older version, restart the computer, and proceed with installing the new version upon boot-up. Yeah, whatever!!! For now, I’ll stick with version until Ahead figures out what they did wrong. I’ll wait 'til BSODs are addressed and specifically stated in the next changelog before I spend about 45 minutes downloading the ever-growing size of the Nero setup file over my pathetic dial-up modem account!!!:frowning:

Weezer, I used the create boot disk option which is available after Ghost is installed in windows. The boot disk loads some generic CD-ROM/CD-R drivers. It gives lots of errors, I guess because my system is all SCSI and it tries to load IDE drivers. The end result is that it works fine. My SCSI UltraPlex Wide and SCSI PlexWriter 12/10/32 are both recognized just fine. I hope this is helpful. is the solution YET. The 5.5.X.X. versions of Nero are a bugs galore…

i think noone is goingto “buy” nero5.5 anyway … except its bundled wirh a burner … :+

I don’y know what all the fuss is about regarding I just installed it on two Win ME PCs and it runs fine. No blue screens at all…I think you other guys must have other software conflicts with other appz or you dont have the latest drivers for your PC…Do a clean install and only load NERO after the clean install…I bet it works great! :4

hi folks, have you ever tried this registry-entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareaheadNero - Burning RomNeroCd95CallbackTableEnableTableExtender with value 0 ? Nero 5.x.x.x often causes bluescreens while booting, if CloneCD is installed to. If the above registryhack does not help, try deleting/renaming the NEROCD95.VXD or use the file from version This is only needed for drag & drop of cdda-files and helped me getting rid of bsod. greetinx matte