Nero Burning Rom v5.5.10.0 has been released

I just posted the article Nero Burning Rom v5.5.10.0 has been released.

Kenshin, Airhead, Gravurecity, BadReligionPR, MiNoS, williams, vio_man, Adek and sakato used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of Nero Burning ROM can be found on the ftp site of Ahead…

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I think you mean instead of :slight_smile: is right. It was my mistake while submitting the news. :slight_smile:

The FTP link seems to be down. Perhaps this file was posted by mistake, there’s no sign of a on the download page on Aheads site, you can just get 5.5.17 link. Having had a look on the ftp site though the file is there, 12.3MB, and the link itself appears to be correct. “Nero55100.exe” 12.3MB 18/12/2002 18:54 If in doubt just go to: :slight_smile:

Does it finally support adding Ogg Vorbis files to AudioCD?

Does anyone know how to turn Nero Express GUI off, so that I can use the classical GUI.


You can nab it from though :wink:

Try these:

Nero still HAS NOT added Ogg support, but yet they added the oh-so-useless Mp3PRO support many many versions ago. Ahead is really slacking here because MP3 and OGG are the most popular formats for encoding music from CDs. And when 90% of the burning I do is for audio, Nero starts to become very useless and now I’m questioning if it was worth buying in the first place, don’t make me think this Ahead, give us our support! For the past 8 months I’ve only been encoding my music with Ogg which accounts for about 130 CDs that I own. There’s a freeware burning app I heard about and I even think it has Ogg support, perhaps a switch is in order.

yeah, this is really stupid. they added wma support, but not ogg support. also winoncd has no ogg support, which is a real pity

Well, both Windows and Nero have had WMA support for a long time. The most popular and successul portable audio player, iRiver, also supported WMA from the very first model, IMP-100, as well as ASF and MP3. And why is MP3 Pro so useless? I have often used both MP3 Pro and WMA so it may be useless to you but not to all. Anyway, I wouldn’t say stupid if I want my suggestions to be implemented in Nero’s future revisions.

What kind of idiot rips to wma?

@jef160 I actually do. :wink:

it’s stupid Ahead MUST “PAY” $$$$$$$ (a lot(to have Mp3Pro and WMA,etc…in their product…and they support it now.But Ogg Borbis give for FREE ,even send programmer/engineer to Ahead to make Nero work with Ogg for FREE.but :frowning: :frowning: :r :r capitalist pig dog :frowning:

This is full of bugs, not at all happy :frowning: I bought the original and all update previous, spot on, this one all sorts of random things :frowning: Greets The Tired Diplomat :8 Na I worked it out, it was bad CDRW, bin job :c

It adds support to the MP4 AAC audio. Now that’s good news.

Ogg Vorbis support would be muuuuch better.