Nero Burning ROM reaches version



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Nero has released what appears to be a significant update of its suite with the release of Nero Burning ROM Its last version was released back in November 2006.

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I’m waiting for beta. I mean come on whats with all the version numbers lol!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably just adds Vista compatibility


In the early days, there was practically no better burning tool (other than CloneCD when it arrived)… Nowadays, Nero is bloated with crap that I dont want… And even installing just the burning engine requires lots of disk space… And it seems like other software developers are doing it too… Its like they HAVE to bloat the software up to make it look good… I think they should release a basic version that works just like the older versions did, simple, small and quick…


I’m going to pass this one up. I’m still running winxp pro…


they have fixed the mediahome component so you can now stream live TV around your house.


Yeah, Nero is definately bloatware. I use Nero Express 6.6, and it works fine. Version 7.xx is so much slower and bloated. We’ll have to find a suitable burning engine that is compatible with Vista- I really don’t want to downgrade to 7.whatever just to be compatible with Vista. Nero’s time has passed.


Nero is very very bloated now days. I ditched Roxio for Nero and now I have ditched Nero for CDBurnerXP. It’s great for Normal CD burns. Haven’t tried DVD Burning with it yet.


Ahead software needs to get their “head” read :slight_smile: Nero 7.x is utter bloatjunk. I’m still using Nero and won’t move any higher.


Why is it so difficult for Nero to update their release notes? I mean they had to have a complete list of things that will be done in this release to give to programmers, the same list had to go to testers to ensure that things were done correctly. This list should be just put online. This is not difficult. If Nero can’t even handle that, their development is a complete mess.


A quick check of the user poll on the left side of the main page, and you can see what the overwhelming majority of people do with blank DVDs. They backup movies. So all you need is AnyDVD and CloneDVD. At least they are not bloated and also they publish a changelog with each new version. Nero has gone to hell in a handbasket and have forgotten who butters their bread. Just going to the update webpage gives me a headache! What a frikkin mess they have made of a once great burning tool! :c