NERO Burning ROM, NewCompilation, box greyed out!?

In NERO burning rom (i believe its verion 7) under new compilation window, I am trying to select DVD instead of CD, however it is greyed out. I have 2 dvd burners installed, why is it not letting me select this?

Are you talking about this window;

i dont think there tcas. lets say that you start nero by going to start,prog,nero,pick burning rom,then select. then a screen poips up(as if asking what you want to do).
at the top its got cd or dvd with a drop down(eather or choice).under that it has all the different option,iso,copy,ect…
i wash i had an awser for him,had to walk my mom threw the same thing & at first she was nuts but its there.i dont know why its grayed out??its sounds like the burners ar’nt reconized or somthing?? sorry,could’nt help.

I am not sure where you are talking about and I don’t have Nero 7 but maybe if you try setting the Nero screen to CD/DVD or DVD it might help.Are the sceenshots below what you are talking about?