Nero Burning ROM is now available for Linux

I just posted the article Nero Burning ROM is now available for Linux.

If you are using Linux on your machine there are already several ways to burn your CDs and DVDs. Now Nero have released their main application Nero Burning ROM in a
version for Linux…

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W00t W00t :g

Great news. One more nail in the coffin for Winxp. :d

  • I don’t see the Mandrake 10 support !! Very Bad thing, what i can use instead ? The Debian 3.0 …:S

Indeed, Mandrake is one of the leading distros for home use. Too bad.

This is a good thing… but… (there’s always one of those): I’d have to buy the Windows version to get the Linux version? And then there’s no support for the Linux version? Well, this is certainly a step in the right direction… I just hope Nero isn’t basing any decision about continuing in the Linux market on the reaction to this. I predict that reaction will be poor.

If your distribution is not in the “supported distributions” list, it does not mean that NeroLINUX will not work with ! It just mean that you will maybe not have KDE/Gnome shortcuts for example :slight_smile:

This is a very nice first step. I hope this is a sign that more companies are willing to step the Linux boat (by porting their software). The one thing I wonder is why they build this on GTK1.2 instead of 2.0…?

Just because GTK1.2 is light and available on every distribution.

Mandrake uses RPM package, so if you take one that matches your kernel and KDE/Gnome version I think you will get it to work. You have to check the dependencies you may need to take into account, and just try it+

Hmm AFAIK about all distros include GTK 2.0 as well. Maybe in some future release :slight_smile: