Nero Burning Rom / InCD bug under Win2k?

I just posted the article Nero Burning Rom / InCD bug under Win2k ?.

CD-R reports of an old bug returning in Nero Burning Rom version under Windows 2000:

"…Just thought I would let people know an old bug in Nero has returned. As of Nero…

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There’s also a bug with BURN-Proof in You need a new MMC.DLL to fix that problem.

What Burn-proof bug? Burn proof works fine on my PC with the latest Nero version.

How do you know that, Domino?

Do you have to be running InCD for this bug to work? I don’t run InCD, I don’t see the point. With harddrives as cheap as they are, why would I want to format an 700mb CD at around 500mb just so I can have 10x speed access? Guess I won’t upgrade my version until a newer one comes out.

Again, another post deleted? I think it was pretty on-topic. But, if you don’t approve links to other sites, so be it.

can anyone send the serial number to open NERO 5572 demo?.I haven’t the money to buy it.Please,send it to Thnx