Nero Burning ROM for MAC: NeroMax



I just posted the article Nero Burning ROM for MAC: NeroMax.

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"…Ahead Software GmbH have announced their entry into the Apple Macintosh CD Recording application market. NeroMAX will be available from…

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Ohjea!!! But Mac sucks! Sorry!


Macs dont suck! theyre betta than windows - wiondows is just a rip of the mac interface!


Mac… Feels fuckin boring to me…


yup mac sux !

they could die with their shit


Computers are just a tool and so are the above posters of the Mac Sux messages. If you people are trying to sound like *NIX script kiddies then you are failing badly. Learn to spell/or F7 at least you windoze losers. Greater choice when it comes to SW on any platform, is welcome I say.


Mac is not 4 everybody!!!
In the world few people have the power, macusers have it! Let’s Wintel users think that they have the best OS


gaad… people who says mac is crap, really show how stupid and ignorant they are…