Nero burning ROM - burner or disc problem?

I burn archived Nero “image” files from completed projects on an external Sony 800 burner with no problems ever being experienced no matter what brand of discs I use for burning onto, however I recently replaced the PC’s internal drives with a pair of Sony DRU190 burners and find that I can only burn Sony or Philips brand DVD discs on either of the two new DRU190’s, as anytime I attempt to use Memorex DVD’s everything appears to be going OK, data loading up as normal etc, but as soon as the actual “burning disc” indication comes on the burn immediately fails and the disc is ejected.

By the way, on checking the disc afterwards its exactly as it was inserted into the tray and subsequently burns OK in my Sony 800 external burner.

Is this something I am going to have to put up with and just avoid Memorex discs, or is there a possible solution to the problem?

Advice would be appreciated on this.