Nero Burning Rom 8 Won't Recognize SH-203B in Vista Ultimate 64 Bit


            I am running Nero using Vista Ultimate 64 bit. For some reason while running Nero 8 Burning Rom, my SH203B has a red X over it under the Choose Recorder screen. I then get a screen that says "Sorry, this nero version supports recorders only". 

I am running Code King’s SB01 faster read firmware.

I know that the SH-203B is able to write because I was able to read and burn a DVD-R using DVD Decrypter. I should also mention that Nero Smart Start burned a DVD-R compilation that had nothing in it. Nero’s Smart Start 8 wrote the lead in/out of the disc, when there was nothing in the compilation to begin with. Now I have a coaster with 1MB of info on it.

Any info would be appreciated, as I would like to start burning data DVDs right away.

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I should also mention that Nero 8 lists my SH-203B as an IDE drive, which makes no sense. I’d appreciate any help and am willing to go further in detail if necessary.




:disagree: This makes sense. A SATA drive should always been shown as IDE if the controller the drive is connected to, is set to “IDE compatible mode” (Which is a good thing IMO).

Do you have any ASPI driver installed? If so, then this might be the culprit.


Hi Michael,

                              Thanks for the info. I don't think I have any aspi drivers installed. The Vista install is fresh. The only burning software that I have installed so far are Nero 8, DVD Decrypter, and IMGBurn

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Does anyone have any more suggestions?
I updated Nero to and no luck.

I am still stumped on this issue and would appreciate any help.

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See if it will work in another pc. If not then RMA or take it back.

The drive is fully function except for the fact that Nero 8 doesn’t recognize it. EAC, IMGBurn, and several other programs recognize and can make use of the SH-203B.

I guess I will wait until Nero is tweaked in the future.

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I don’t think anyone has enough experience with version 8 yet so yeah that might be a good idea since you say it does work.

I don’t know how i got through not having Nero 6,7,or 8 now :bigsmile:

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Nero version 6.6*** works on Vista (32bit) so there is no need to look further.
rolling56, for data burning Nero is okay, but thats all it is. :bigsmile:

I tried to install Nero and get an error message that says that ‘this version of Nero is incompatible with Vista.’


Sorry for taking this even more off topic. :sad:

What Microsoft tells you is irrelevant. :slight_smile: Try to install it anyway.
On my Vista Ultimate box Nero runs without problems. I’m using it only for burning data though.

Please note the tiny difference between Vista32 bit and the 64 bit variant.

Also, since this thread is software related, I’ll move it to the Nero forum.

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Hi :slight_smile:
I have no problems with Vista Ultimate & Nero 8.
Regardless of whether using 32 or 64 bit.
The attached is with 64 bit running.

Note 2 SH-S203Bs.
Also prior to this latest Nero update the SATA ODDs were shown as SCSI.
DiscSpeed & InfoTool only sees the 1st 3 drives as well.
So there are problems lurking in this latest package.

Thanks for the info Zebadee. Still no luck with Nero. I am going to try to install Nero 6 again later today.


Doing the Registry thing is the only thing that’s going to help, rockphantom (bar a clean install). You can back-up the registry keys you’re going to alter wit “Export”.