Nero Burning Rom 8 Won't Recognize Samsung SH-203B in Vista Ultimate 64 Bit


I am running Nero using Vista Ultimate 64 bit. For some reason while running Nero 8 Burning Rom, my Samsung SH-203B has a red X over it under the Choose Recorder screen. I then get a screen that says “Sorry, this nero version supports recorders only”.

I am running Code King’s SB01 faster read firmware.

I know that the SH-203B is able to write because I was able to read and burn a DVD-R using DVD Decrypter. I should also mention that Nero Smart Start burned a DVD-R compilation that had nothing in it. Nero’s Smart Start 8 wrote the lead in/out of the disc, when there was nothing in the compilation to begin with. Now I have a coaster with 1MB of info on it.

Any info would be appreciated, as I would like to start burning data DVDs right away.

Thank You,


I should also mention that Nero 8 lists my SH-203B as an IDE drive, which makes no sense. I’d appreciate any help and am willing to go further in detail if necessary.