Nero Burning Rom Released

I just posted the article Nero Burning Rom Released.

Another update is available for the burning software Nero. Nero 7 Premium Reloaded, is now Windows Vista Ready and has everything you need to manage your digital multimedia lifestyle. With free VoIP…

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VoIP telephony, whats next, Ahead Office 2007?

LOL, or Ahead solitaire

How about Ahead Minesweeper

More bloated crap from ADead.

Version 8 is going to include its own operating system and will be a 3GB download. (Yes, updates will be 3GB each as well)

Another thing I can suggest is NOS… Nero Operating system… :wink:

DOES IT STILL BURN CDS??? LOL :slight_smile:

Como on guys, cut nero some slack. Lets talk about the bugs in nero 7.5, is it working ok?