Nero Burning ROM released on FTP and Nero website

I just posted the article Nero Burning ROM released on FTP and Nero website.

  Just a few weeks ago, Nero added LightSribe  support when it released version   Now they 

have released what appears to be just a minor update. As the version…

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posted in another forum: "There are no major fixes or enhancements in the latest Nero build posted. We had an issue with Nero reporting as expired Demo under certain circumstances, and released the Nero to address this issue. This is why there is no change log, as nothing has really changed. Sorry for the confustion this has caused. We should have posted this as most users do not need to download this new release, as it will have not real affect over their current Nero Regards, Craig Campbell (AHEAD/NERO Customer Support Team Representative) "

No wonder there’s an ‘a’ at the end.