Nero Burning Rom cannot change DVD+R to DVD-ROM Booktype



Hi, I have both Lite-On SOHW-832S (f/w: CG2B) and BenQ DW1620 (f/w: B7T9). I tried to burn my PS2 and XBOX games into my DVD+R discss, using Nero Express So far, playability is ok for PS2 but XBOX, it just create a lof of coasters. I understand that to increase compatibility, we need to bitsetting the DVD+R to DVD-ROM in order to “fool” the drive. Therefore, I tried to use Nero to change the booktype field but I can’t see there is anyway to change the bitsetting. I attached the dialog box to show the proof.

What should I do? What wrong with my Nero? Appreciate anyone can help, as I am new here.


Go to the Recorder menu, select “Choose Recorder”, select the desired drive, and click the Options button. Then you will see a dropdown for Book Type.



Hi, DirtyRobotFeet…thanks a lot. It works!!!:bow: :bow: :bow:


Is your Nero Enterprise Edition or Ultra Edition?

I don’t have that Book Type setting there.

How do you enable it? Thank you very much!

Computer Maniac :slight_smile:


Computer Maniac,depends on the firmware your 3250 is using.The newest 1.U6 will have that drop down box but the autobitsetting firmware will not.


T&J I’m glad it worked.

ComputerManiac I have Ultra Which version do you have?



Well, just flashed to 1.U6, and everything worked the way it suppost to be… :slight_smile:

I was using 1.U5 before as you can see in the picture.

however the flasher won’t change the book type I had to use WinType to change it…

DirtyRobotFeet, I have the version of Nero Suite Enterprise Edition… :slight_smile:

Computer Maniac :slight_smile:


Yeah you had autobitsetting going on.You can use WinBtype or Nero Cd dvd speed to bitset also(only these 2 work right now for sure).That’s how I got it to work.