Nero Burning Rom

Make sure you all get new nero to help sort any probs you may have.

already had it installed from yesterday. Acts the same for me. Nothing different that I can see with my burning.

New Features in

added the LightScribe icon to the Nero toolbar

Bug Fixes in

Data DVD writing on a DVD-R DL medium was not working in some cases
Nero did not remember renamed ISO9660 Level 2 names
Nero terminated if the path to a source file was too long
Improved the handling for the label creator when the text style did not fit the template

Anyone else able to get CDR speeds above 4x on this new version? CDR that previously burned at 32-40x are now only showing up as being able to be burned at 4x. I am using TY and Mitsui discs. Far from being bad quality.

Nope i get 52x here on teac and 32x cdrw i use infinti white tops rated at 48x. and verbratium cdrw’s 32x

I submise you rebooted after upgrading, as for 1st time ever nero has told you, that you need to before you launch it.

my computer has been shut off over night and restarted this morning still listing it as so.