Nero Burning Rom Changelog

Changes from Nero to Bug Fixes:
Improved error handling when Nero is about to read CD descriptions from the Internet database
Fixed a problem, needing to much time to save tracks from Audio CDs under Windows XP
Display the average speed in burn status dialog and not, like before, the last measured speed
Fixed a Audio CD problem which disturbed the playback on some CD players
After writing 2nd session on DVD-RW few data from 1st session have been unreadable sometimes with some drives. That
behaviour is corrected
Correct the track size of the last track in case of DVD+R VR recorded discs
Bug fix for displaying HD-BURN capacity of an empty CD media

Added several new recorders
Added book type option for DVD+R/RW recording in Nero Express. This is available in the More-page of the burn settings
Extended media info dialog to display and to be able to change the book type of DVD+R/RW discs[B]