Nero Burning ROM 10 and SecurDisc 2 burning



I would ask about the new Nero Burning ROM 10 and the SecurDisc 2. It says on the site for Nero that it uses blank space to store redundancy and defect management information when burning. Is this process seamless and not requiring of any special software to read the data back off of the CD/DVD? Or is it needed to burn with Nero and then read or extract for Nero? Or will it work with any hardware just as you copy under Windows XP, Vista or 7?

Thank you


Still nero and drive related.

Useless for serious data management and security.


I now own Nero 10 ROM only at 77 meg download and find the redundancy feature to be a worthy update in features to aid in reliable access to optical disks having been burned. I find it so far to be a positive purchase.

Thank you for helping