Nero Burning recode 2

Hi guys can you help i have recently purchased a new computer which comes with the full nero smart start, kit inbuilt have been using it with no probs by following your guidelines. Anyhow here goes apparently all the plug ins have 7 days to go before i have to purchase them if i want to keep them.I am particularly interested in the recode 2 plug in for backing up multiple dvd’s on one dics, do anyone know of a code to keep my nero activated or do i have to purchase the the full kit from nero.

Cheers for the help… Newbie Mikemate

I’m going to ASSUME that you aren’t asking for an ILLEGAL code here.

No, you don’t have to buy the entire Nero kit.

However, if you’ve been enjoying Recode, it’s part of Nero Digital. That means that whichever Nero kit you DO buy needs to include Nero Digital… the base package won’t do what you want.

Since it came preinstalled on your machine, you probably get some kind of discount on the purchase. Call Ahead (they make Nero) and ask.