Nero burning problems

Hi, just wondered if anyone could help, as I’ve tried everything possible (within my limits) to rectify it myself and nothing is happening.

The thing is, I use Nero vision 4 and a pioneer dvr - 100D to burn my films and have never had any problems since getting the burner a year since until this last week.

it transcodes fine, then goes onto burn and when its nearly at the end, the disc comes out (with nothing on - unreadable) and nero just continues as if there were nothing wrong.

I have tried putting the disc back in, using different discs, deleting nero and re-installing it, I also downloaded a prgm called deepburn and that also did not work. I downloaded a firmware thing but my computer would not let me install it, just blocked it.

There is no log I can provide, as nero thinks its working fine, therefore any suggestions (bearing in mind I am quite limited with my comp knowledge) would be very greatly appreciated.

thanks for your time

Such a drive doesn’t exist, transcoding has nothing to do with burning.

Please post a log.

sorry the make is DVR 110D. I can’t provide a log, it doesn’t create one, as I have to close it down myself or it would just carry on and on thinking it is burning

This is a review of your burner.
Try to install new firmware. Most likely it is your virus protection which makes it not to install.
You can disconnect yourself from Internet and disable your virus protection, than try to install firmware. Just make sure that the firmware is for your drive model, otherwise you can run into a problem.
Other possibility is to try different burning software. You can download ImgBurn (free) and use that to see what happen.

thanks, I’ve installed new firmware, and its worked, so I’m going to try it out and see what happens.

Post a burn log as soon as you can.