Nero burning problems

I am using nero 7.0 with the latest updates and have purchased fuji dvd- and tried to burn two movies and received error message after only burning for a minute. I used clone dvd and fuji and the movie burned successful. The next movie I had the same problem with nero and fuji. I used philips media and nero and the movie was burned successful. I have never had a problem with nero before using different media. This is the first time I used fuji. I am trying to use a different computer right now to see if fuji works using nero. Anybody else have a problem with nero and fuji media

I just finished using fuji media and nero on my desktop computer and it worked fine. I did a repair on the latest nero software and burned a movie, I bought and the fuji media worked on my new hp notebook. I will be testing the fuji media to see if I have anymore problems with the notebook.