Nero burning problems


Been using this forum for a little while now and have found it very useful indeed, so thought I should sign up to keep mopre up to date with the burning scene.

Been having a few problems burning with Nero recently.

Pioneer 109d Firmware 1.58

Datawrite Titanium discs DVD’s

The error I have been getting is sector on disc has differentr content to its source. This error appears from a few times two maybe a dozen times in one burn. It usually fails on verifying.

Tried burning at 12x 8x and 4x same problems.

Been using the Datawrite Titanium dics for many months without an issue until recently when all hell broke loose and i’ve needed to buy more cups for my coasters!!!

I have narrowd it down to the dye on the media or so I thought. I have heard that the Titaniums used to use a Fuji dye and have recently changed it to a less relioable one. Is this true?

After a pc rebuild I have managed to burn 10 discs with about 8 failures and now every one fails!

Have tried using the older Datawrite Classic light frey discs which used to work fine. Now the same problem.

Can anyone shed some light on this frustrating problem?

Also, what exactly does this error mean.

Any help would be appreciated as I am at the end of sanity!

Tried every conceivable option to resolve this problem. And have eventually come to the conclusion, stupid as it may sound, that heavily fragmented files especially large DVD ISO’s do not like being burnt.

My advice to anyone would be to revert back to a good version of nero that is tested and works. For me all work perfectly, de-frag the drive in question using windows de-fragger. The one I prefer is O&O Defrag V8.
Check the reports on the drive and try and free up 40% of the drive for de-fragging purposes. The recomended amount is 17%, I have founnd that this is not enough to ensure not only a quick de-frag but also a comprehensive de-frag.

Then try and burn a file which you know failed before, starting with the slower speed burn working your way up.

Hope this helps. It’s worked for me, stupidly simple but it works!!!