Nero burning problem



I want to create an audio CD with Nero And I get to part where the audio tracks are saved to my harddisk and I created a compilation.
Then, when I start to "Write CD" it seem it is writing to the cd. And after the normal writing time (+/- 30-45 minutes) it comes back with the message that the burning process went fine. BUT...
The tray of my cd-burner doesn't pop open as it usually does and even worse, nothing is burned on the CD.
I know for sure that I'm not only simulating a burn <grin>
Has anyone had this problem as well? Or has anyone got a clue of what I might be doing wrong?
Can it be that the original CD is protected?




this kind of problem has started since version lots of ppl here complained about it. i think nero doesn’t want to deal with copy protected cd’s any more. try to go back to ver. another thing i just noticed: norton registry editor by default associates *.nrg files. now nero image files are also *.nrg! so check out whether these kind of files are associated to nero. i’m not sure if this resolves the problem but you can try it out.



I’m going to try.
When it is not working, there is plenty of other burning software.



If you used a key generator to get a serial # (not saying you did) some of the #'s are blacklisted by ahead…nero will tell you that you that you have a fully licensed copy but it will burn nothing but coasters… pretty devious, huh!


i am using legal copy of nero (shipped with my cd burner) and still have these kinda problems.



If you are using a version of nero shipped
with your burner, then you can ask AHEAD 2 help you and if they come up with an answer you could post it on this forum in case others have had the same problem.


I don’t have any of these problems with my version. I’ve got the newest version and cracked it and it works with everything.

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Thanks for all your replies!
I did not have this problem for a long time now, but it turned up again.
It seems that it only happens with particular audio CD’s.