Nero Burning Problem

Hey everyone, I’m pretty computer/tech un-savvy and I have been having some issues with my Nero burner, version 6 I believe. I used to not have any issues when I would burn a movie, but recently everytime I go to burn, it will go through it’s normal recoding process and then it goes to begin the actual burning part where it burns to a disc, and it will say that the burn process failed. I then am given an option to save the error log and I did the past two times, but it is very difficult to figure out/read. I was wondering if anyone had ever had these problems as well? Is there a simplified way to read this error log file and be able to read what is wrong exactly? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It would really be helpful to us if you could post an error log, so we can see what’s going wrong, and loads of other useful info :slight_smile:

Okay, sorry about that. I will upload it as an attachment, as it is very, very long and I am unsure which parts would be needed for review, so I’ll just put it all. :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your help!

Nero Error File 2.txt (44.2 KB)

c:\Program Files\BitLord\Downloads\The Trip (lsd) [ classic Roger Corman 1967 ]

It looks as though you’ve downloaded a movie off a torrent…
I believe it’s against the rules to assist you…

I shall defer to the mods though…