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I’m currently using NERO 7. I have my files on hard drive but cannot seem to burn them correctly. Problem one is i created a dvd movie with nero 7 but it only works with my portable dvd and not my standard dvd player that sits in my living room. The format nero vision places my dvd files is MPEG. So i have played dvd’s on my standard living room dvd player before. I inserted a dvd copy that works into my computer and used nero to give me the disk info. I discovered that the format is UDP and have no clue on how to make this format using nero. Also i am using DVD-R TO create these movies and the information said the disk type is actually a cd.
If any one has any suggestions on how to create a DVD movie that has no problems playing on a lot of dvd players can you help me out. Also does cd-r work for dvd players?/ :bow:

When i created a dvd using Nero. I played it in my dvd player and the movie played. However it shows the movie but it plays as if it is reading the dvd slow. it chops up the image as if it is trying to grasp it. Picture comes back and then it distorts it again. The aduio is clear as well for a moment and then gets distorted. Anyone experienced this problem? How to fix? Using nero 7 created it with the nero vision tools. Post reply or e-mail

Sounds like bad media. These types of problems do not occur when using high quality media.

@Anthony Hernandez: Please don’t double-post the same problem. Have a bit of patience for people to reply :cop:.

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Sounds like poor media to me too, what media are you using and what burner and firmware do you have?

Yes, sign of cheap media.