Nero Burning Problem - Error reading data

Very often, when I will be burning a DVD backup to another Blank DVD on the fly sometimes I get ‘Error Reading Data’ message and a DVD-R is wasted. This happened with all Nero updates. My current update is

Can anyone experienced this problem? Is there a reason for this? Where is the problem? Is it a software problem?

DVD Writer LG GMA 4020B Firmware A109
Software used: Nero (updated version)
Media used: Maxell and Traxdata Printable (In my opinion quite good media)
Method used: On the fly

Strange enough I always get this problem when I try to burn FROM a 4x DVD media. The maximum writing speed for this drive is 2x. I burnt quite a lot from a 2x media with no problem. However 2x media are nearly obsolite.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Same problem here. I tried to burn a DVD Video from my decrypted and encoded (with Nero Recode) files saved on the hard disk. Get an Error Reading Data when burning is almost complete (all files are physically present). How can I fix this ?

I get the same problem also, but I uncheck the box that says quick copy and let it create an image first that way if it fails I won’t get a coaster…Just a failed image.

Most of the time I have do the whole process all over.I have patience though :slight_smile:

Also got the same problem with Nero very recently. I wasted at least three FORNEX101 DVD-R media just to save some backup data. Mine is Nero and LITE-ON 1633S FW Version: BS0S. Using the same types of DVD media, this was finally resolved using Roxio Media Creator 7 instead of said Nero program.