Nero Burning:Is it from the DVD burner or the Media?

Lets jump to the conclusion,

Problem: DVD is burnt successfully but doesnt load in my car.

DVD’s im using Verbatim DVD + R 16X

For the record ive used the same DVD’s for burning in nero and were playable in the car. The DVD pack was finished so i went for the same brand same everything. But it wont play in the car !!
Im just so confused !!!

Is it from the media ?? Burner ? Do i have to add a code for the media using MediaCodeEdit ?? Do i have to play with my jumper settings !! i just dont get , Bored of doing coasters
heres my log file:

Any Kind of Help is appreciated

Thanx All

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Posting the same question in two different forums is frowned upon uaeXuae. It is called crossposting and is against forum rules.

I’m going to close this one, but I’ll post a reply in your original thread.