Nero burning funky



Have Nero 5 or 6 whatever I would want to use. I continue to get crappy burns seems that I’m getting the crackles/pops/skips on my discs. I have been doing this for quite awhile (burned out a couple of burners:-) but this LiteOn 52x I have is giving me fits now. I have at least 20gig avail at all times, extracts fine, updates of firmware, software etc. But cannot figure out this prob. The drive is less than year old, has burned fine up to this point. Also when I play cd’s in it and do something in win 98 it will upset the playback. I am thinking memory probs (have 256mb), lots of drivespace, defrag enough and do everything the way I have been doing it for years. I know this is not very specific because the prob is so erratic, but what would make it upset playback (using Turtle Beach Santa Cruz card) and be recording so funky?? Any help would be appreciated. Cleaning the drive? But I have read not to use those cleaning discs on a burner?! HELP!!