Nero burning errors

Hi, Does anyone else pull their hair out with burning media?
I have Nero 7 (previously 6) and often get a ‘Invalid parameter in field’ error.
I’ve read many forums with countless reasons and the only one that seemed to work once was a suggestion to put a jet of air into the drive to clean the lens, although it may have been coincidence.
The problem went away but came back yesterday for CD’s and DVD’s after countless successful burns. When it failed, i burnt the music CD with Media palyer ok, and after another data cd failed, i used Express burn ok once, and then that failed (no helpful message). I have just burnt a data cd using Windows and that went ok, and i have now re-burnt the data cd with nero onto an CD-RW disk.
I have Xp pro and a Sony DVD RW DW-U14A writer.
I have installed nothing new for ages and this seems to be something that keeps occuring causes a few coasters once in a while. Many times the air jet has not worked, so doubt it is dirt. Last time i almost binned the drive, but then everything was ok again!
I renamed some non standard characters once in a filename, which seemed to be a problem, but is Nero more picky, or am i unlucky.
I’ve not found any other constant in the error logs, so won’t add those now.
Am i destined to have this every do often or is there a more definite reason.
Any help greatly appreciated. :sad:

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This is an old drive (OEM DRU-510A) and I can understand if you have problems burning “new” types of media on this drive, because it most probably doesn’t support it.

Get you a new drive. :wink:

Sony DVD RW DW-U14A writer

First update Nero, then try again, maybe with RWs and/or in simulation mode.

Also check out the FAQs on the Nero site!