Nero burning dvd error



Im beginning to think Nero is the worst program out there. I went into Nero Express 3 and put my two xvid movies in there which came to 4.20gigs in size. It then burned the first one of two with no problems but then as it was about to burn the second part it shot the disk tray out and said this.

Unable to create the disk structure
Burn process failed!

So its now wrecked the disk and back to square one again. I had to buy these DVDs because the HD-BURN feature which is supposed to double the capacity of a cd failed on me too. Is this software just completely bugged as ive never had as many problems with any software like this. Almost every feature fefuses to load and have gone back by about three revisions with still no luck. I have uninstalled my virus protection software and disabled all memory allocated software too to no evail. What is up with Nero?

Please help me as im very angry at having forked out 45 pounds on nero for all this to happen.