Nero burning dual layer problem

Hi all, I have a new NEC ND-2510A burner, with version 2.06 firmware. I’m having a problem which I don’t really understand, and am hoping someone can advise.

I have used DVD decrypter 3.2.30 to rip a DVD in ISO mode, and have used Nero to burn the resultant image to a dual layer DVD+R9 verbatim disk (The ND-2510A sets the booktype to DVD-ROM upon burn).

Unfortuneatly the resulting burn is only playable on the ND-2510A, and will freeze shortly after start in any other PC DVD-ROM/RW or standalone.

A funny thing occurs when Nero loads the ISO, it sets it to CD type, and I must manually change it to DVD for the burn. This doesn’t occur when I do “main movie rips” that fit onto a normal 4.7 GB disk, Nero correctly verifies the ISO I make as a DVD type. Nero seems to burn the layers ok, it just wont play on anything else but the ND-2510A it was burnt on.

I have a way around it however, I have used DVD decrypter to do the burn of the ISO and it works ok, this burn is playable in my other PC DVD ROM/RW and standalone players.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?


Okm I’ve done a bit more investigation courtesy of DVD Infopro. For some reason the PC DVD-ROM/RW’s (and presumably) the standalone see the Nero burnt ISO’s as a “complete” 8.5 GB sized disk, when actually it’s only about 6.7 GB, whereas the NEC see’s the correct size.

When burnt with DVD decrypter, both the DVD-ROM/RW’s see the correct size of about 6.7 GB like the NEC…

Dunno why this is happening, whether it may be a Nero bug, or caused by me changing the Nero detected type from CD to DVD…

Oh crap, I just opened Nero to have a look at it again, and realised that I had forgotten to tell Nero to finalise the disk…

Silly me. :o