Nero burning CD help

How do I force Nero to keep the songs in the correct order. Example: Joe’s Garage the songs are played in a certain order and I added them in the proper order, but when I burn the CD they appear in some random order. I thought to rename the files in abc order, but i thought there was maybe some other way in options. Any solutions are appreciated… thanks!

oops! noobie notice… I see there’s a better place to post this. I’m taking it to ‘Software, burning software, Nero & InCD forum’ Scratch the above please, found solution with a quick 'n easy ‘search’ in the proper forum… now then, how do i delete a post? :wink:

Geeeez Louiiiiiiissse… next time i’ll know to search first, ask dumb ??'s later… found answer in the proper section. thanks? :wink: