Nero - burning avi files

I recently purchased the Sony DRU 830a DVD burner and have installed the Nero software that came with it. When I try to burn an avi file, the amount of time that the burn takes is around the length of the avi file (an hour and a half movie took just under an hour and a half to burn). Is there any way to speed up the burn process? I’ve already checked to make sure that I’m in DMA mode. When I installed the burner, the instructions said to change the jumper to whatever my old drive had, which was cable select. Is that my problem?

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If you’re actually burning a DVD movie from this avi file then the time taken is in the right order as it’s actually converting/encoding it to DVD movie format and that is very CPU intensive.

If , however, you’re just burning this to a data DVD then there’s something seriously wrong.

Yeah, it’s a DVD movie. Thanks for the info. It’s good to know I didn’t screw up anything in the first week. Do you know if there is any way to speed up the process, like converting the files to another format before burning?

Converting an AVI file to a DVD movie is CPU & disk I/O intensive. There are some apps that’ll do the job quicker , like maybe ConvertXtoDVD, but the faster your processor & drives the better. Converting to another format or recoding to another codec before the conversion would only increase the overall time taken & probably lower the quality in the process.