Nero, Burning 4x Verbatim DVD+R at 8x speed Question

I recently burned a few 4x Verbatim DVD+Rs at 8x speeds to see how the results were and some came out OK. Now my question is the “OK” part, I ran the first disk through nero’s cd-dvd speed scan disk (with only scan disk checked) to check for errors and it came back with a few red blocks near the end, I used a Sony DVD DDU1621 drive for that test. Then I ran the test again on the same disk but using my Plextor PX-708A, this time the test results came back 100% readable. Does this mean my disk is only readable on certain drives?

The second disk that I burned had a chunk of red blocks in the middle and near the end when I ran scan disk. Then I ran file test to check for file errors and results came back with 2 errors. Does this mean some files on the disk are corrupt and I should throw the disk away? I can rely only on scan disk to check for file readability?

Scandisk is a good tool to see where your discs have errors. Just because a disc has an error does not mean that it is usable. Just as long as the error does not get in the way. :stuck_out_tongue: