Nero Burn won't play on Pioneer player



I have burned a backup DVD with Nero 7 (on a Sony burner) and it plays fine on a cheap Norcent standalone DVD player. However, my Pioneer DVR -531H DVD player rejects it outright, won’t even load it.

Any idea what I can try? I used DVD Shrink to get the original to the Hard Drive, then Nero to burn it on Sony DVD -R media (this media has worked on my Pioneer as well, because it is also a DVD Recorder unit and I use that media on it.)

I’m confused as to why it works on the Norcent standalone DVD player, but won’t work on my Pioneer, and what steps I can take (or things I can try) to correct the situation.


Hi ddoggphx and Welcome to CDF:

  1. The most highly regarded media are TY and Verbatim.
  2. If you can use +R media, use that and change the booktype to DVD-ROM.
  3. Try lowering your burning speed to 8X.
  4. Confirm your firmware is current.

Stand-alone players (including the Pioneer) are finicky and while the above suggestions may be helpful, they are not guarantees. It can be frustrating.


Especially pioneer.


Thanks for the advice Jeff. Regarding number two, where would I change booktype? Sorry, I don’t know what that means. I can use +R to burn, so I can try that.

And you mean the firmware on my Pioneer player, correct?

I’ll try the 8X speed change, but how does that affect the end result? That’s really interesting.

So you don’t think it could be caused by the Nero burn process (for example, would using a different software program would make things different?)

Thanks again…and if anyone else has advice I’m all for it.


That surprises me as my Pioneer player plays anything & concerns me as I’m about to buy a Pioneer DVD Recorder - the DVR-440.


Surely the statement was about earlier devices, they all striclty followed the specs…