Nero burn to drive-changing?

I’m trying to change to a different rom drive than the default with Nero. I have an HP and a Sony. I want to use the Sony for burning. I can’t find anywhere in the program where I can change the drive. The place that it lists does not do the job.

I don’t want to change anything in the jumpers on the drives if I can help it.

Thanks in advance


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Your burner doesn’t appear as in the drop-down box here? :

Or like this (Nero Express 6.6):
I remember, that the copys of Nero that came with retail Sony and Philips drives were restricted in a way, that they only worked with the drive supplied. You had to install both versions (or abort the 2nd installation after having copied the serial# displayed to clipboard or notepad and adding that to the existing installation)

I have a registered Nero 7. I was hoping I would be able to switch between drives as the one (HP) that I have been using to burn, keeps stopping and starting when it gets part way thru when watching it on a DVD player. This does not happen with every DVD.



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It might not be the HP’s fault, it might be the media you’re using (I had exactly the same problem yesterday with a crappy disc).

What discs are you using?