Nero burn problem 6.6

Hi all I really need your help on this one.

I am running version 6.6 that came with my burner
the problem I can get right through the burn setup until it gets to the final burn page the one that has the write speed well mine doesnt let me press the burn icon (its not highlighted) and there is no write speed in the box but if I take the blank out of drive it appears again. I have tried numerous brands of discs but to no avail any solutions?

Do you have any other burner attached to your system? If so, make sure you have the correct one selected.

Also(I’ve been guilty of this) make sure if you are burning a DVD, that you select “DVD” from the drop down list when first creating the disk and vice versa for a CD(make sure CD is selected and not DVD). What may be happening is you are using the CD template, then putting a DVD in the drive, thus Nero won’t let you burn because it’s not a CD.

Thanks for your help but problem solverd
the person who built my new computer installed the wrong driver or somthing like that thanks any way. :confused: