Nero burn help

Just got nero 7 and am having problems burning dvd. I have pioneer 110D, When I use nero express my files jump and stick (stop) when copied from my hard drive. When I use nero burning rom the error message I get is Sorry compilation cannot be written on this kind of disc. Please insert correct type or modify the settings of your compilation to make it compatable with the current disc. Disc required: CD-R/RW Type in recorder DVD R.

Although it says I hav nt got the right disc in I am using DVDs by Datawrite
I a probably doing somthing very simple the incorrect way could anyone please help and advise.

Please please, many thanks chris

Hi Chris

What is it you are actually trying to burn on to the DVD?

Try to make sure that in compilation DVD is being selected not CD.

A film - But not very successfully

Hi I have selected DVD in the compilation menu as far as I can tell, if I use nero express it is selecting DVD but not in nero burning rom

Another thing to check, make sure you have enough sapce (atleast 10GB) free space in your hard drive and try to emty your “Recycle bin”.

My hard drive has just been reformatted because I was having problems with nero and trying to burn dvds I have only had a dvd writer for about 3 months and was using nero 6 but now I am using nero 7 and have had problems ever since, hence I reformatted to see if it could solve the problem. It could be a problem with the settings of nero or my dvd writer.

Also I burned a dvd yesterday on nero express, it recognised the disc wrote the tv programe to disc, but when I played it it jumped and juddered all the way through it.
I viewed the tv programe off my hard drive and it worked perfectly
Any ideas! pease

Nero 7 is well known to be ‘buggy’. Go back to Nero 6 and use ver
When you select DVD I presume that you selected DVD video.
The jumping and juddering is probably down to the quality of the media. Do a transfer rate test in Nero and see how smoth the curve is?